Valentines: Something Sweet & Simple

I have always loved Valentine's day because everywhere I go I would see pink and red balloons and roses all around. Today I will list some ideas for Valentine's that aren't expensive. This is for the frugal and practical guy or gal out there who want to express love but may not have the funds to do something big.

1. Write a Love Letter or Poerm: It costs practically nothing to put your feelings on paper, it may not be easy to write down emotions, but practice make perfect. You do not have to be a great writer to just recount a great date you have had with the person you love or describe how happy he or she makes you feel. As long as you put some effort into crafting a message that expresses your adoration for your mate; whatever you do will be appreciated.

2. Take a Walk or Hike Together: Once my husband and I walked for hours around downtown and Fells Point on the water edge holding hands. When you walk together you see the world around you difference that what's on TV, and I think its romantic.

3. Cook a Favorite Meal at Home: Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, it is fun to dress up a favorite meal cooked at home. You can light some candles, put linen on the table, dim the lights and put on some soft mucis to set the mood. You can dupilcate all most any meal at home with a click of a mouse on google.

4. Surpise Your Singificant Other: It would be romanic and fun to have a surprise lunch date set up for your mate. Of course, do not do this if your partner does not like to be bothered at work or don't like surpises.

5. Take Photographs Together of Each Other: It is fun to pick up the camera and take pictures of each other at random moments. You can also go to a photo booth and take pictures together. Photographs are always good reminders of the good time you have had.

6. Do Something Your Partner Likes But You Don't: No matter how compatible a couple is, two people will all way have different interests. For example, my husband love scary movies and I hate them. On more that one occasion I will set in a movie to make my husband happy. On the other hand he knows I love reading so sometime when I'm reading he ask to read to me. Doing something you normally would not do for the sake of your mate can be very romatic.

7. Shower or Bath Together: Cleaning each other in the tub or in a shower is great fun because you can touch each other everywhere.

8. Make a Memory Box: This one is a bit more work, but will pay off huge in the future. Find a box and put items that renind you of experiences you've shared over your time together.

9. Create Your Own Custom Love Coupons: This is a romantic way to say " I Love You". It's a form of a IOU or promissory note between two people in love to engage in a romantic activity at a time in the future. Your coupon could be simple as a" Random Kiss Coupon" to something exotic as "Pleasure Your Way Coupon".

10. Make an Exotic Fruit Basket: A nice alternative to a bouquet of flowers is a fruit basket. Don't get lazy on me and go out and buy one; where's the fun in that. In less then 30 minutes you can buy a basket at Michael's or A.C. Moore and fill it with colorful tasting and tempting fruit. Don't be afraid to walk on the wild side and include some unusual fruits such as star fruit and dragon fruit. Be sure that each is labeled or write out a list of fruits and enjoy sampling them together.

11. Burn a Custom CD: We all spend way too much time in the car, why not help your love pass the time thinking about you with a custom cd of all of the song you both think of as "our song".

Regardlessof the person, place or time I' sure there are many other ways of being romantic and frugal at the same time. The key is to know your partner and his or her preferences. For example my husband knows that I do not like balloons so he never buys them for me. As long as you make an effort to make your mate feel oved, you can be romantic and start a ne trend on Valentine's Day.

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