Maryland Wedding Planning Tip: Preparing for Rain on your Wedding Day

You set your date a year ago; and now we are days away and the forecast is calling for rain. The questions running through your mind is " Is my day doomed if I get married in the rain?" or "Should I just postpone my event for next week?"

Don't worry! A little rain will definitely not ruin your event or wedding day as long as you're prepared. In fact, rain showers can be rather romantic for a wedding.

Outdoor Weddings Locations

Outdoor events and weddings require a bit more planning and preparation than indoor weddings, the most important thing is to have a backup plan. Make sure you have a contract with a tent company on hand. Make sure you discuss the policie for rain with your facility before deciding if you will hold your event at this location. Also, talk with the tent company to make sure you will be able to get a refund if you do not need them.


When you are choosing the type of decoration think mobile. You should be able to relocate as quicky as possible in the case of rain, have extra help on stand by to get everything down and pack to be moved to the new location. Use folding chair rather than interlocking seats and make sure your guests and vendors are aware of the alternate plans. Another thing you can do is rent umbrella.

Surviving The Rain

A rany day event or wedding isn't quite disastrous when your on the inside looking out. You'll still want to protect your hair, your makeup, your cloths as well as take any precautions you can to make your guests feel comfortable from Mother Nature. If the weather doesn't cooperate on your event or wedding day, it's not the end of the world. Prepare early for the chance of rain, and remeber that umbrellas are a lifesavers. Even with rain, your day will be perfect if you are prepared.

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