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Today on BMore Lifestyle we had the pleasure to share some tips with Chardelle Moore and Christina Denny on planning graduation parties, if you miss out below are 5 tips that make help you with your graduate big celebration.

TIP 1 - Small kids at the party: Create a section for the kids with fun activities to make sure they are having a great time as well; also, make the decor kid friendly by adding a sweet section. You wait in see how many of your adults turn into kids and enjoy the candy.

Tip 2 - Indoor vs Outdoor Venues: To pick the perfect location I say it's at the discretion of the graduate, if he/she are not into outdoor activities I would go with an indoor space. If he/she loves the out (hiking, biking, or just love Mother Nature) I would go with an outdoors space.

If you choose an outdoor space my advices is to have a plan B; we may love Mother Nature but she's unpredictable.

Tip 3 - Personalize your event: We here at Taylor Made Event Plannimg, LLC love to put a person touch on all our events because it's your day; why not make it about you. On the table add pictures of the graduate with their friends, this could be use as a centerpiece or just a walk down memory lane.

If your graduate school is leaving high school, decorate in the colors of the college they will be attending. If they are leaving college use their college paraphernalia to decorate the room, after 4 years or more I know they have a lot of school items to display.

Tip 4 - Multiple Graduates: If you have more than one child graduating in the same year you have a double party; split the space and decorate one side in one graduate color while the other has the other. 2 parties, 1 space and 1 DJ.

You could also do a group party, talk with your kids friends parents and have one big party with each individual group of friends. This will save you money because all the parents will be chipping in and the cost will be lower and each grad will have their own party without their sibling.

Tip 5 - When to start planning: I would recommend you start early, this will give you more time to make decisions and you and start making payments to pay down your event.

We do have clients who has came to us 1 month before and we had a great event. The shorter the planning process you would need to be financially prepared to pay half or whole balances, most vendors required to be paid in full before the event.

For more tip on having a fabulous event contact us today and let us make your event as beautiful as you are...

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